Personal Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching

Description of Services

Life Coaching is a client-driven approach for those interested in improving the quality of their lives- a collaborative process for those who wish to gain clarity and motivation as they move forward in identifying and fulfilling personal goals.  It is holistic and action based, anchored in a relationship where clients receive acceptance, respect, and support.  They are viewed as unique in their purpose, blessed with many strengths, and capable of exploring and making positive changes in their lives. 

"I am not interested in people who allow circumstances to control their lives.  I am interested in people who invent the circumstances they need to shape their own lives."            

                                                                                  ~ George Bernard Shaw 

Service Provider

Jill Virts, MS, CAS, CPC ​Personal Life Coach

Jill Virts, MS, CAS, CPC
Personal Life Coach

Jill’s background includes working in the field of school psychology for over 30 years.  More recently, her experiences in counseling and consulting led her to pursue a certification in Life Coaching.  Jill aspires to help others build their best life.  Her style is warm and welcoming, providing a supportive, non-judgmental space for personal exploration, growth and meaningful change.  She helps clients develop strategies to navigate through life’s ups and downs, working on areas that bring more balance, happiness, and success.

Top Reasons for Seeking a Personal Life Coach: 

  • Relationship issues  
  • Happiness/fulfillment  
  • Stress reduction/anxiety  
  • Personal growth  
  • Parenting challenges  
  • Gaining confidence/self-esteem  
  • Not moving forward in life  
  • Spiritual development  
  • Finding balance/contentment  

Sessions last 50 minutes; fee $65 (sliding scale available based on financial need)

Skype sessions are also available.